004- Enameled With Teeth (feat. Dr. Grant Ritchey)

In which we talk to Dr. Grant Ritchey, a science-minded dentist who co-hosts the Prism Podcast, about a variety of dental topics, including nurdles and wobbly temporal bones (along with dental procedures, fluoride, flossing, and all the boring stuff).

In our "OK, But Why?" segment, we evaluate the practicality of the Amazon.com baby registry allegedly provided by a couple of Kardashians...whatever those are. (There was a lot to talk about, so this one went long.)

How to find Grant: Twitter | Prism Podcast

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And thanks again to the band Eyelids for letting us use their song as our intro/outro.

003- Let's Get Adjusted...Or Not (feat. Dr. Clay Jones)

In which we discuss with Dr. Clay Jones the science behind pediatric chiropractic treatments (mostly how there isn't any), the true nature of subluxations, and the harm that can come from the anti-science culture that permeates [most] chiropractic offices.

"Parenthetically Speaking" Segment: We steal a little more of Clay's time to get his take on fish tacos...trying to drill down on the question of whether or not they are sandwiches.

Music credit: Eyelids ("Bound to Let You Down")

Dr. Clay Jones: Twitter | Prism Podcast | Science-Based Medicine 

002- It's All About the Delivery

Ep. 002: In which Chad, Natalie, and Amy Tuteur (The Skeptical OB) discuss childbirth. 

In which we discuss with Dr. Amy Tuteur what a "natural" birth is, why women should feel SUPER guilty if they don't have one (or not), and just how safe homebirths are (or aren't).

"Ok, But Why?" Segment: A Canadian Wellness Expo books a keynote speaker whose child died after the parents chose to give him garlic instead of, you know, actual medicine. (No offense, Canada. We have our own shit to deal with.)

Parenthetically: We say goodbye to Miles, James, and Buck as The League of Nerds podcast draws to a close. It's the end of an era.

Music credit: Eyelids ("Bound to Let You Down")

Dr. Amy Tuteur: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Book (Push Back) 

001- What Are We Doing Here?

As promised...our first episode!!!

Chad comes clean about his past as "kind of a nerd." Natalie reveals that her idea of perfection is "sitting on a white couch breastfeeding happily." We geek out a little bit about Carl Sagan. We take a brief look back at Chad's woo-venture to the "Get Your Life Back NOW" integrative medicine conference. And, most importantly, we chat about our desire to help parents keep their kids alive, make informed decisions, and avoid worrying any more than they really should.

"OK, But Why?": Stonyfield Yogurt...you know what you did.

Special thanks to the band Eyelids for letting us use their song "Bound to Let You Down" as the intro and outro for our show!