002- It's All About the Delivery

Ep. 002: In which Chad, Natalie, and Amy Tuteur (The Skeptical OB) discuss childbirth. 

In which we discuss with Dr. Amy Tuteur what a "natural" birth is, why women should feel SUPER guilty if they don't have one (or not), and just how safe homebirths are (or aren't).

"Ok, But Why?" Segment: A Canadian Wellness Expo books a keynote speaker whose child died after the parents chose to give him garlic instead of, you know, actual medicine. (No offense, Canada. We have our own shit to deal with.)

Parenthetically: We say goodbye to Miles, James, and Buck as The League of Nerds podcast draws to a close. It's the end of an era.

Music credit: Eyelids ("Bound to Let You Down")

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